Saturday, 16 May 2015

First Post and First Postcard

Hurray!!! Finally, it's done. 

This is my first blog ever and on this sites, I will show you my postcards and stamps collection. Most of my cards will come from Postcrossing, but also friends and family are providing me with new and beautiful postcards. So, enough said. Here is my first card to show:

My first Postcard published on this blog is an "old" one:

The first one comes from the very south of Germany. Lindau im Bodensee is located at the Lake Constance (Bodensee). It's well known for Germany's southernmost Lighthouse.

It also got a special Postmark: "Lindau im Bodensee - Ferieninsel der Lebensfreude"

Stamp: Burgen & Schlösser (Wasserschloss Inzlingen (50 Pf) - Issued: Set out of 8 (1980)

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