Saturday, 5 September 2015

Canada: Cover

Yesterday I received a nice cover from canada. The Cover was posted from Toronto's First Post Office.  The building was built between 1833 to 1834, with construction commencing before York became the City of Toronto. Therefore, the post office is known both as the "Fourth York Post Office" (as there had been three prior post offices in the settlement) and "Toronto's First Post Office" (as it was the first post office to serve the newly incorporated city). The building served as a post office until 1839. It was altered last in 1876. Located at 260 Adelaide Street East, the building now houses a museum and a full-service post office, run by the Town of York Historical Society.

Stamps (from the left):
Baby Wildlife "Beaver" - Issued: 31-03-2014
Wait for Me Daddy - Issued: 04-10-2014
Canada’s flag, 50th anniversary - Issued: 15-02-2015

Thanks again to Tristan for this nice cover!

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