Thursday, 17 December 2015

Germany: Freiberg

Freiberg is a university and mining town in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. Its historic town centre has been placed under heritage conservation and is a chosen site for the proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Ore Mountain Mining Region. Until 1969, the town was dominated for around 800 years by the mining and smelting industries.

The stamp on the card commemorates the 250th Anniversary of Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. It is a small German University of Technology with about 6000 students and established in 1765, by Prince Franz Xaver, regent of Saxony, based on plans by Friedrich Wilhelm von Oppel and Friedrich Anton von Heynitz, and is the oldest university of mining and metallurgy in the world. The chemical elements Indium (1863) and Germanium (1886) were discovered by scientists of Freiberg University.

The 250th Anniversary of Freiberg University of Mining and Technology - Issued: 03-12-2015 with special first day of Issue postmark

UPDATE 09-01-2016

Today I got another card. Its the same one like above, but this time with a different postmark

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