Friday, 23 June 2017

Ukraine: EUROPA - "Castles"

Ukraine issued two different stamps for the EUROPA 2017 theme. The stamps show Medzhybizh Fortress (left) and Olesko Castle (right). The first one is situated at the confluence of the Southern Bug and Buzhenka rivers, in the town of Medzhybizh. It was built as a bulwark against Ottoman expansion in the 1540s and became one of the strongest fortresses of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland in Podolia. Olesko Castle is located within the borders of the present-day Busk Raion in Ukraine. The first historical records of the castle are in a document dated 1327, when Pope Boniface IX gave Halych, a Catholic bishop, this castle as a gift. It is located about seventy-five kilometers from Lviv, the largest city in western Ukraine.

EUROPA - "Castles" - Issued: 09-06-2017

Many thanks to Roman for this nice Cover!

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