Thursday, 6 July 2017

Canada: Star Trek - Year 2

After last year the Canadian Post issued also this year a series of stamps dedicated to Star Trek. This series is called "Year 2", so one can expect more stamps to come? We will see. I received this nice Cover with the complete set on it. It shows five legendary leaders of the so-called Starfleet. Featured on the stamps are: Kirk (William Shatner), Picard (Patrick Stewart), Sisko (Avery Brooks), Archer (Scott Bakula) and Janeway (Kate Mulgrew). As an addition a permanent domestic rate stamp was also issued (you can see it one left). It shows the Shuttle Galileo. It appeared in episode "The Galileo Seven” and was deployed to navigate the treacherous parts of space that the U.S.S. Enterprise could not.

Star Trek - Year 2 (full Set) - Issued: 27-04-2017

Many thanks to Tristan for this great Cover!

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