Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Germany: EUROPA 2018 "Bridges" - FDC

This year's theme for the EUROPA stamps is Bridges. On this cover you can see the german stamp. It features the so-called "Rheinkniebrücke" in Düsseldorf in the front and, if you look carefully, the Oberkasseler Brücke in the background. These bridges are two of the of the 7 bridges built (between 1951 and 2002) in Düsseldorf to cross the Rhine river.

To note the label on the left. It is part of the Deutsche Post environmental protection program "GoGreen". If you put this label on your covers you can neutralise your CO2-Emisions which arise from delivery. You can buy these labels in the Deutsche Post Shop in a set of 36 for 1,80 EUR.

EUROPA "Bridges" - Issued: 03-05-2018 with First-Day-Cancellation

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