Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Germany: Wilhelmshaven

Today I received two cards from Germany. My first card is from Wilhelmshaven. It is a coastal town in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated on the western side of the Jade Bight, a bay of the North Sea. Wilhelmshaven is the centre of the “JadeBay” business region (which has around 330,000 inhabitants). Wilhelmshaven is Germany’s only deep-water port, and its largest naval base. One of the main industrial sectors in Wilhelmshaven is the port industry with its wharfs, sea port service companies, service providers and repair businesses, transhipment and handling businesses, and agencies, etc. The “JadeWeserPort” – Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven (CTW) and the development of the neighbouring Freight Village provide prospects for employment in areas such as logistics and distribution.

Flowers "Convallaria majalis" - Issued: 06-05-2010

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