Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Russia: Syktyvkar

Syktyvkar (Russian: Сыктывкар) is the capital city of the Komi Republic, Russia with a Population of 235,006 (as in 2010). Syktyvkar is located on the Sysola River, which is the origin of its former name Ust-Sysolsk. The city is located near to the point where the Sysola joins the larger Vychegda River, which is itself a branch of the Northern Dvina.

The card arrived in a nice envelope, which advertises the Masters World Cup in Cross Country Skiing, which was held there from 14th till 20th march 2015.

left:  National Symbols - Coat of Arms of Republic of Komi - Issued: 26-05-20011
right: The 150th Anniversary of Lenigrad Zoo - Issued: 14-08-2015

Thanks to Irina for the nice card and stamps!

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