Friday, 13 November 2015

Malaysia: 175 Years of the First Postage Stamp - One Penny Black

This great shaped card arrived some days ago. It shows some traditional malaysian clothes. Baju is the term for clothing in the Malay language. Since Malaysia comprises three major cultures: Malay, Chinese and Indian, each culture has its own traditional and religious articles of clothing all of which are gender specific and may be adapted to local influences and conditions. Traditional Malay attire for men is the baju melayu, a loose tunic which is worn over trousers and usually accompanied with a sarong called a sampin which is wrapped around the hips. It is also often accompanied with a songkok or cap. Malay women wear the baju kurung, a knee-length blouse worn over a long skirt. The blouse is long-sleeved and collarless, while the skirt, called a kain, has pleats on one side. A headscarf is sometimes worn with this. Another popular traditional costume is the kebaya, a more tight-fitting two-piece dress. This is often considered less formal.

On the back with a great stamp:

Minisheet The 175th Anniversary of the World's First Postage Stamp - One Penny Black - Issued: 30-04-2015

Thanks to Shaliza for this great card!

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