Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Greenland: Upernavik

Some days ago, I received another card from Greenland. This time from Upernavik. Upernavik (Kalaallisut: "Springtime Place") is a small town in the Qaasuitsup municipality in northwestern Greenland, located on a small island of the same name. With 1,181 inhabitants as of 2013, it is the twelfth-largest town in Greenland. It is also the northern-most town in Greenland with a population of over 1,000.

Aviation (from a set of three) - Issued: 13-05-2015
2x Queen Margrethe II - Issued: 13-05-2015
Queen Margrethe II - Issued: 22-10-2012

♁ 72° 47′ N,  56° 9′ W

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