Sunday, 21 January 2018

Lithuania: EUROPA - "Castles"

Lithuanian Post issued two stamps for the 2017 EUROPA theme "Castles". The stamps on this cover below are showing ancient documents of the castles of Biržai (left stamp) and Klaipėda (right stamp). Biržai Castle is a castle in the city of Biržai, located in the northern part of Lithuania. The city and the whole region is renowned for its many traditional-recipe beer breweries. Klaipėda Castle, also known as Memelburg or Memel Castle, is an archeological site and museum housed in a castle built by the Teutonic Knights in Klaipėda, Lithuania, near the Baltic Sea. It was first mentioned in 1252.

On the left bottom, you can also see a cachet postmark from the International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen 2017.

EUROPA "Castles" (full set) - Issued: 29-04-2017

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