Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Canada: Native Bees

There are approximately 4,000 species of bees native to North America and more than 850 native to Canada. Many bee populations, however, are in decline due to habitat loss, pesticide use and climate change. On this nice Cover from Canada you can see two stamps dedicated to natives bees in Canada. The rare rusty-patched bumble bee (Bombus affinis) and its colourful and more common co-star, a metallic green bee (Agapostemon virescens). This Cover was cancelled in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, which is supposed to be the Honey captial of Saskatchewan, producing 10% of Canada's honey. For this reason the people of Tisdale built a large Bee (Dimensions: Height: 7 Feet (2.1 Metres) Wingspan: 11 Feet 6 Inches (3.5 Metres) Length: 16 Feet (4.9 Metres), which is the most famous attraction there.

3x Bees - Issued: 01-05-2018

Many thanks to Marie for this nice Cover!

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